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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 8

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 8   14/09/06, 12:52 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 8 : Waltz For Venus

A plane in route to Venus is hijacked. But before any damage can be done, two passengers seemingly defeat the would-be hijackers in a flash. Spike and Faye round up their new bounties, and prepare to board the Bebop to take them down to Venus. On Venus, Faye receives her share and promptly goes to the casino to bet it all away. One of the passengers who observed Spike catches up to him, and amazed by how he dealt with the hijackers. After much convincing, the man, who introduces himself as Roco Bonnaro, becomes Spike's student for a bit.

Spike tries explaining his version of the basics of Jet Kune Do, but to no avail. Before more lessons can commence, a team of men run after Roco, who gives Spike a package and then runs away. Back on the Bebop, a brand new Bounty Head comes in. A gang led by a man called Piccaro Calvino is next up, and bringing in the entire gang means double bounty. Spike sees that one of the men is none other than Roco, and quickly opens the package he received. Roco had with him a plant called Grey Ash, which can cure Venus Sickness. Checking up on Roco's past, family, and friends, Spike goes to visit Roco's only sister way into the desert. Her name is Stella.

He finds her, a pretty woman who was blinded by the Venus Sickness. She tells Spike all about Roco, how so many people seem to think he's a bad person because of who he hangs out with. Yet she loves him deeply, and knows he would only do the right thing for them. Spike realizes that the reason the gang Roco had been was chasing Roco, and the reason why Roco had Grey Ash. Apparently Piccaro's gang had stolen the plant, but before they could sell it Roco took off with it to cure his sister's blindness. Spike also notes that Roco had set aside a little Grey Ash just in case...hidden in a music box Stella had just gotten in the mail. Remembering that Roco set up an appointment before running away, Spike goes off to meet him.

The following night, Roco and Spike meet up again. Spike gives him the Grey Ash, but Piccaro shows up and begins to light up the place with bullets. Faye shows up in her Firecat, and the bullets start flying. Roco is shot, and the grey ash is destroyed. Piccaro is captured by Faye, and Spike is left with a dying Roco. He tries to get help to the man, but it is too late...

Stella is now seen recovering in a hospital bed. She was given treatment by the Grey Ash hidden in the music box, and exceedingly tells Spike that the first thing she wants to see is Roco.
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 8
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