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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 7

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 7   14/09/06, 12:48 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 7 : Heavy Metal Queen

The team of Faye, Jet, and Spike go out to capture a new bounty head. The name is Decker, and the only physical description is that he has a dragon tattoo. Unfortunately, the rest of the whole sector is looking for Decker too. Spike is busy at a bar, trying to curb a pounding hangover with a Prairie Oyster. A woman walks in, whose name is only known as her initials: VT.

A bar fight ensues, with winds up getting Spike and VT totally kicking a threesome's asses out of the bar. VT and Spike become quick friends, and Spike discovers that since VT is only known by her initials, a "contest" has been going to try to decipher what VT stands for. Before Spike can try his luck at it, Jet phones in saying that Faye lost Decker (she had the guy, but Decker is packing explosives....and let's say he got the better of Faye). VT comments that she hates bounty hunters, and leaves her former friend Spike in the bar. To add even more problems, the three guys Spike beat up earlier smash his Swordfish II, and Faye's Firecat was already damaged by Decker. VT decides out of good will to take the both of them back to the Bebop.

On his way out, Decker has a hit-and-run with one of VT's friends. VT goes out on a rampage trying to find him, and corners him in an outer space mine. Decker releases some more explosives, which cause a chain reaction. VT is knocked out, Decker is killed, and Spike and Faye are sent in to rescue VT.

They manage to get her ship, along with Decker's ship close to the exit. The unstable mine collapses further, and they are all trapped. Thinking quick, Spike exits his ship (he's holding his breath and has earplugs) while Faye sticks one of Decker's bigger explosives in the Swordfish II's pilot pod. Spike barely manages to get back into VT's ship, while the pilot pod (laden with explosives) blast towards the entrance. The entrance is free again, and Spike, Faye, and VT all escape.

In the aftermath, everything is cleared up. With no reward coming from the dead Decker, Spike has nothing to do but kill some time. Looking at an amulet floating in VT's ship, he figures out her name.
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 7
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