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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 6

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 6   14/09/06, 12:23 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 6 : Sympathy For The Devil

A flash of old memories come back to haunt Spike for a moment, as he sits on a bar stool. Spike and Jet are after a brand new bounty, on a man called Giraffe. Spike, Jet, and Giraffe are all in the same bar, with Giraffe seemingly concentrated on a lone, small child playing the harmonica on stage. When Spike and Jet move in for the capture, the kid leaves and Giraffe follows. Leaving Jet preoccupied with an old "friend," Spike gives chase.

Across town, Spike observes Giraffe follow the harmonica-playing child with his parent into an apartment building. Spike goes off to get his Swordfish II, and just as he blasts by the building his ship catches something falling: the bloody, dying body of Giraffe. He had been shot and fell from a window up above, and before he dies he gives Spike a ring, and a plea. To help "someone"...

Since Giraffe fell from the room where the harmonica kid, now known to be called Wen, Spike goes to talk to Wen and his parent to find out why Giraffe was killed (He's a little mad about losing his bounty, as well as wondering what the ring and Giraffe's last plea meant). Wen's "parent" is actually Giraffe's old comrade Zebra, a now paralyzed man who is being controlled by Wen. Wen is a mutation, a kid who survived the hypergate explosion nearly 50 years ago. As a result, he cannot die... ever. The sinister child manages to wound Spike, and makes a run for it. Spike puts a bullet in Wen's head, but to no avail. With Wen lost, and the immotile Zebra recovered, it's back to the Bebop for backup plans.

It's discovered that the ring given to Spike contains the same type of chemicals within Wen that prevents his aging. If any part of the crystal on the ring enters Wen's body....he "should" die. Cutting the ring's crystal into a bullet, Spike goes off to face the kid yet again. He loads up the crystalline bullet into a single-shot handgun, and finds Wen. With precision accuracy, he nails Wen in the forehead with the special bullet. At first Wen is not affected, but his body begins to glow. Within a few moments, his body instantly ages to accurately show how old Wen is. Wen's tiny body, which grew no bigger than a child, cannot take the rapid aging, and he dies.
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 6
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