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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 3

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 3   14/09/06, 12:13 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 3 : Honky Tonk Woman

In a restaurant down on a gambling planet, a young, purple haired woman gets into a shoot out in a herbal store. She is captured, and taken to a space station where she is given certain instructions. Her name is Faye Valentine, and she is very well known for her ability to win any game, through any method she can do. Also she is incredibly in debt, and the man who captured her, Gordon, promises to make all of her debts go away if she does one thing: wait at a black jack table, where one man (he gives her a fuzzy picture of him) will lose all of his money, and give the last chip to Faye as a token of generosity. If Faye brings that chip back to Gordon, all of her debts will go away.

Spike and Jet land on the same planet as Faye, and even go into the some casino where Faye waits at a Blackjack table. Spike plays against Faye one on one, and purposely loses all of his money. However, bewildering to Faye, he does not give her the last chip. What Faye did not know was that Spike was not the man she is looking for, except he just happens to look similar to the contact man she SHOULD be waiting for. Spike takes his chip and leaves, and Faye runs after him, confused.

The real contact man, who was suppose to meet up with Faye, runs into spike, and both drop their single chips. When the confusion quickly settles, Spike takes the other man's chip and the other man takes Spike's chip by accident. The other man did have the special chip intended for Faye, so now Spike truly does have what Faye wants.

After a quick flight, Spike tricks Faye and captures her in the Bebop. They plan to give her to the police, since she is worth W6,000,000. While tied up, Faye contacts Gordon, who comes in his ship. Jet tells Spike that the chip he has is not even a chip at all, but a decoder key that can allow a user to decrypt virtually anything. Gordon wants the chip, and agrees to pay Jet and Spike W30,000,000.

They set up a meeting on the hull of Gordon's ship, and Spike finds out he's been betrayed. After kicking off Gordon's man into space, he takes the chip and tries to grab the money. Faye escapes, and manages to grab the W30,000,000 and take off. Spike returns to the Bebop, which gets away quickly. Faye is busy trying to dodge Gordon's missiles in her own little ship, and she gets just lucky enough that one stray missile strikes into Gordon's ship, destroying it.

Back on the planet below, Spike and Jet agree that the decoding chip is worthless to them, and the go in to bet it away. Might as well use the poker chip for something, right?
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 3
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