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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 2

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 2   14/09/06, 12:12 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 2 : Stray Dog Strut

It's time for a new bounty, and this time Spike is after a Abdul Hakim, worth W8,000,000. Apparently Abdul stole a valuable experiment, and is hiding it in a metal case that he carries with him. Spike goes down to the planet Abdul is suppose to be...

While Abdul is distracted, a kid manages to steal his suitcase. The kid discovers that the case contains a dog, and decides it must be worth some cash. He winds up trying to sell the dog to a Pet Shop owner, and meets up with Spike. Spike thinks that the kid is Abdul, since he is carrying Abdul's case. When they open the case, Spike sees that the only thing Abdul was carrying around was a little dog. The pet shop owner says its only worth 2 woolongs, and the kid is devastated. Spike, uninterested, walks away. Abdul shows up and retakes the dog, whom jumps on Abdul, causing his gun to fire.

Spike, hearing the gun, runs back and gives chase to Abdul, and after a brief fight, Abdul gets away. But Spike has the dog Abdul had wanted so much, so he returns to the Bebop to setup a plan. Jet names the dog "Ein," and attaches a homing collar to him. Spike returns to the planet, walking Ein, just waiting to be seen by Abdul. Meanwhile, a few other of Abdul's chasers activate a dog whistle to attract all of the dogs in the city. Ein runs off, and Spike and Abdul give chase to him. Abdul ends up grabbing Ein and stealing a car. Spike gives chase in his trusty Swordfish II, and after a exciting chase scene Abdul winds up being captured by the police themselves and Spike inadvertently getting Ein back in his possession.

He returns to the Bebop... to tell Jet that at least he didn't come back totally empty handed.
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 2
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