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 Cowboy Bebop - Episode 1

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PostSubject: Cowboy Bebop - Episode 1   14/09/06, 12:07 pm

Cowboy Bebop - Episode 1 : Asteroid Blues

It all opens up to Spike practacing his Jeet Kune Do, when Jet calls him down to supper. They are having meatless Beef with Bell peppers, which confuses the hell out of Spike. Jet simply replies, "Hey, that's what you call it when you're broke." They have a new target, Asimov Solensan for W2,500,000. He is on a planet called Tijuanu, and Spike is inclined to go check it out.

On Tijuanu, a strange man and woman walk into a bar. The man goes with the bar tender into the back, where he can be seen that he is Asimov. He hands the bartender a vile containing a red fluid, and says that it is "real Bloody Eye." The bar tender is skeptical, and asks for a demonstration. So Asimov sprays the vile into his eyes, and both eyes become blood shot and wide. Asimov enters into the deranged state that every person goes into when using Bloody Eye. At this point several men break into the store, trying to get at Asimov and take back his vials of Bloody Eye. The bartender is shot in the head, and Asimov (in Bloody Eye state) easily takes out all of the would be killers. He and his woman, named Katerina, leave.

Later, Spike bumps into Katerina who was with Asimov, and the two strike up a conversation at his ship. He reveals that he is after Asimov, and not her. But even then, he doesn't like to deal with small fry like Asimov. Asimov sneaks up behind Spike, and tries to strangle him. Katerina makes him stop, and Spike is freed. The two leave, and Spike lies on the ground, dazed. Jet comes, and helps Spike up. Spike shows Jet that while falling down when Asimov let him go, he grabbed one of his vials of Bloody Eye. The two begin to make plans.

At the next stopping point for Asimov, Spike is waiting in disguise. He reveals himself to Asimov, and proceeds to kick Asimov's ass Spike style. This eventually results in a chase, with nearly everyone on the planet chasing after Asimov. In the cockpit of Asimov's ship, Katerina finally realizes that Asimov is out of control with his Bloody Eye, and shoots him. Then, right before Spike's eyes, the entire ship is blown to bits, killing the woman. Spike returns to the Bebop... no bounty in hand.
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Cowboy Bebop - Episode 1
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