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 Appleseed Movie

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PostSubject: Appleseed Movie   25/08/06, 03:11 pm

Title: Appleseed Movie
Category: Movie
Genres: Drama, Science-Fiction
Year Published: 2004
Studio: Digital Frontier

A.D. 2131, the non nuclear world war which had destroyed the world almost completely ended. Deunan Nuts was wandering in a ruined city. She had survived from the war as a soldier.

There appeared a large helicopter suddenly, and it shot her. Two persons got off from the helicopter. They were Deunan's ex-lover, Briareos, and Hitomi. Hitomi didn't look like a woman who stood in the battle field. They carried Dunan, who lost her conscience by an anesthesia bullet, into the Peace City, "Olympus".

After all, no country won the war, and Olympus governed the world in the aftermath of the war. When Deunan came to and she turned to the familiar voice, she found her ex-lover, Briareos. Briareos had changed completely and he had made his body cyborg. She was too astonished to say anything. When they were alone in the guestroom, he confessed that he had lost his body in the battle field of the North Africa, and made his body cyborg.

The next day, she was permitted to live in the city, and Hitomi took her to the Legislative Organization by her car. Deunan was embarrassed to see the peaceful scene in the city because it wasn't long before she had been in the battle field, but at the same time, she felt comfortable when she saw the people in Olympus living peacefully. However, she became uneasy when Hitomi said that 50% of the citizens were the clones of specially chosen human species, "Bioroid". The Bioroid was born to make the society stable, and Hitomi said she herself was Bioroid.

The old men called "Seven Wisest Men" were waiting for them. They said that "Olympus" was controlled by their conversation with a large computer called "Gaia". However, it was the Bioroid that actually managed the politics, and the plot to endanger the existence of the human beings was working. On the other hand, Briareos didn't look happy for their reunion, and he didn't want to talk to her anything. It made Dunan irritate.

Has Briareos really changed? Whether is the Bioroid an enemy or an ally? Is Olympus a true utopia?

Mixing in various mysteries and intentions, the grand fight which risks the future of the human society begins.

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Appleseed Movie
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