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 Cruise does comedy?

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PostSubject: Cruise does comedy?   24/08/06, 10:24 am

Now might not exactly be the happiest times for Tom Cruise - what with all the whole just-getting-dropped-by Paramount thing so the actor is looking for a good laugh. Perhaps a comedy? Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Cruise has been meeting with Judd Apatow, producer of ANCHORMAN and TALLADEGA NIGHTS and director of THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN, to talk about a potential comedy project together. Apatow said Cruise has got great comedic chops that date back to RISKY BUSINESS. "We've had great conversations — I hope something real comes out of it," Apatow told the magazine. Cruise has often been a guy that jumps from genre to genre doing movies like THE LAST SAMURAI, COLLATERAL, WAR OF THE WORLDS and MAGNOLIA in recent years, but one thing he hasn't done in quite a while is comedy. The last would be JERRY MAGUIRE for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. It certainly seems like the right kind of project as he seems to need some career rejuvination. What kind of comedy would you like to see him in? A supporting role in the next Will Ferrell movie?

Little Known Fact: Judd Apatow also created "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared" two of the finest teen sitcoms in recent years that were both cancelled too soon.

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Cruise does comedy?
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