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PostSubject: Protector   24/08/06, 10:20 am

Tony Jaa made a huge splash with his astonishing, death-defying, no-wirework-or-CGI martial art stuntwork in ONG BAK. Now he's back with a little something called TOM YUM GOONG aka THE PROTECTOR, which has been out in Asia since August of last year but has slowly been making its way to our shores, and if the trailer is any indicator, this one kicks just as much (or perhaps more) ass as ONG BAK. In it, he stars as a young Thai warrior who must retrieve a stolen elephant and, in doing so, beats the living shit out of bad guys of all shapes and sizes in the most spectacular of ways. Check out the trailer in sweet quicktime overnd check out a bad ass fight clip courtesy of the folks over at Moviefone over.THE PROTECTOR opens stateside September 8th.

Little Known Fact: Jaa developed a unique Muay Thai fighting style specifically for the film dubbed "Muay Kotchasan".
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