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 Yakitate! Japan

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PostSubject: Yakitate! Japan   30/06/06, 05:31 pm

Title: Yakitate! Japan
Total Episodes: 69 episode(TBC)
Genres: Comedy, Cooking

There's French Bread, there's German Bread, there's English bread. But there is no Japan (pan is Japanese for bread), Japanese Bread. The genius teenage baker, Azuma Kazuma sets his goal as creating the ultimate Japan, a bread that Japan would be famous for. With the natural warm hands Azuma possess (Solar hands), he sets off to become a baker for Japan's largest bakery chain, Pantasia. But becoming a top baker isn't so easy, nor is creating a bread that would become world famous.
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PostSubject: Re: Yakitate! Japan   21/07/06, 09:47 pm

Best part of this anime is the bread name as "Japon #1" , "Japon #2" and "Japon #3". like to see Azuma Kazuma get serious.
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Yakitate! Japan
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