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 Gundam Seed

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PostSubject: Gundam Seed   30/06/06, 03:44 pm

Title: Gundam Seed
Total Episode: 50 episode
Genres: Action, Mecha, Science-Fiction

I'm sure all of you have heard of Gundam, but Gundam Seed is different; it incorporates the best of all the Gundams. The basic plot is the war between the earth's alliance (naturals) and Zaft (coordinators). The Coordinators are like natural human beings except their genes were altered during their births. The coordinators have advantages and are born with special reflexes and immune systems that fight off diseases. The heart of the conflict stems from the jealousy of the naturals towards the coordinators, and a nuclear sneak attack against a colony. That is where the anime picks up, and a few months into conflict the alliance has a secret project that consists of 5 state-of -the-art mobile suits and one space battle ship developed under the cover of a neutral country. The Zaft forces learn of the plots of the alliance and set out to steal all 5 of their new mobile suits.

The main character is Kira Yamato (coordinator), who finds himself piloting the one mobile suit that the alliance was able to save. Kira must defend the Archangel by fighting against his good childhood friend, Aslan Zara (coordinator). Throughout the series, Kira battles his reasons for fighting against his own people, the coordinators, and trying his hardest to protect his friends that live on battleship Archangel. Kira doesn't only fight battles on the battlefield within the ship, he must also prove himself to the people of the Archangel that he is a coordinator and he is trying to fight for them.

The music of Gundam Seed is second to none. As expected from most animes, the music is superb, fusing Japanese vocals with some techno backgrounds and of course the standard piano. With these songs they choose opportune times to put them into the action.

Gundam Seed is a must get IMHO. But it is an acquired taste, but given the chance I'm sure that most people will see that this is more than a mindless action anime.

8 out of 10
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Gundam Seed
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