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 Saw 3 site update

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PostSubject: Saw 3 site update   17/08/06, 10:42 am

Source: Lionsgate
by: Omar Aviles

We're just a little bit over two months away from SAW III and as the marketing machine gets into full swing, Lionsgate has given the film's OFFICIAL SITE a major revamp with a nifty flash interface featuring those three disturbingly life-like teeth (seen in the poster to the right), a countdown clock that shimmers and convulses in a slightly disconcerting way, links to trailers, downloads and the film's official messageboard and a tagline that reads "This Halloween, he's (Jigsaw) pulling out all the stops". Get it? Pulling out? Teeth? Or maybe they mean "pulling out" as in coitus interruptus? Wait, what? In any case, as the film's release approaches, they should be adding lots more content including perhaps an actual plot so we know at least the basic gist of what this bad boy's about. Unless they're planning on keeping the plot a secret until the film's release. In which case, that's cool. SAW III opens October 27th.

Little Known Fact: SAW 3 star Shawnee Smith once voiced a character on Disney's animated show "Kim Possible".
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PostSubject: Saw 3 nurse hotties!   17/08/06, 10:57 am

Last year the producers of SAW II sponsored a blood drive that was incorporated into the film's marketing campaign with posters of hot "naughty" nurses striking seductive poses. Seeing as how SAW III will be released October 27th of this year, they're back with the blood drive and have premiered two posters for the event over at Moviefone. Further, they'll be premiering a new poster every day this week so make sure to keep checking HERE to see all of them. Click on any naughty nurse below to check out the full high res versions.

Little Known Fact: They ended up using the bathroom set SCARY MOVIE 4 used to parody SAW as it was an exact replica of the one used in SAW I and II.
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Saw 3 site update
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