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 Gothic 3

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PostSubject: Gothic 3   07/08/06, 06:35 pm

Gothic 3
By: Aspyr, Piranha Bytes
Genre: Computer Role-Playing
Release Date: September 2006

The single-player role-playing game for the PC was seemingly in hibernation thanks to the popularity of its online cousins, as exemplified by World of Warcraft. That changed earlier this year, when The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion shipped and became a gigantic success. With the single-player RPG genre suddenly alive and vibrant, that's good news for games such as Gothic 3. It'd be inaccurate to call Gothic 3 an Oblivion clone, though. After all, it's the next chapter in a five-year-old series. Still, it's hard to not compare the two games.

The visuals are beautiful, and the world that you can explore is huge.

It's probably easier to describe how the two games differ. In Gothic 3, you won't create your own hero or avatar like you do in Oblivion. Instead, as the latest game in the Gothic series, you'll continue the story of the "unnamed hero" of the franchise. And no, you don't need to have played the previous Gothic games to understand what's going on, as Gothic 3 will ease you into its vast, open-ended world.

In Gothic 3, the human lands have been overrun and occupied by orcs, which puts your character in an interesting situation. That's because Gothic 3 won't have a linear plot, and your job won't be to liberate the human lands. That's not to say that you couldn't, but the game is going for a grittier, nonlinear experience. You'll be able to chart your own course and make friends and enemies of all the factions, so perhaps you might want to help the orcs rather than the humans. The game will have three different end paths, and how you arrive at each of the possible endings will be up to you.

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Gothic 3
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