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 Poor Girl..

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PostSubject: Poor Girl..   21/06/06, 07:12 pm

Videos below (Warning: RA)

3GP version
sendspace.com acpnhy
( To view the above 3GP files, you'll need Quicktime. A Free version can be downloaded at http://www.free-codecs.com/QuickTime_Alternative_download.htm )

WMV version

VICIOUS. Cruel. Unbelievable.

These are the reactions of handphone users who have seen a video-clip of three girls assaulting another girl.

The 4 1/2-minute-long clip, taken on a handphone, has caused a stir because the assailants and victim appear to be young teens.

The victim is kicked, slapped and punched by her assailants, forced to take off her shirt and almost has her shorts removed.

A voice can be heard in the background orchestrating the attack.

The calm voice giving instructions on how to hurt the girl is chilling.

The victim can also be heard faintly at one point saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'

The attack appears to have taken place at an HDB staircase landing. (See graphics above.)
Click to see larger image

The brutality of the assailants' actions have horrified those who have chanced upon the video.

Mr Andre Rosli, 29, was shocked when he saw the clip.

'It's one thing to beat someone up and another thing to strip and humiliate her in front of other girls and film the entire act,' he told The New Paper.

'I'm repulsed by their violent actions. It's totally sick and made me feel like vomiting.'

Although he doesn't understand part of the Mandarin dialogue, and other bits are inaudible, he was shaken by how the assailants took turns to taunt the victim.

The New Paper received two Hotline calls about the video and understands it is making its way to handphones here. Checks showed that several students in one ITE had received it.
Click to see larger image

It is not known if a police report has been made by the victim or anyone who witnessed the assault.

It is also not clear if the assault was staged, although those who have viewed it felt that it's genuine.

Mr Andre, an ITE student, said: 'The actions are enough to convince me they are not putting on an act but are really attacking a helpless girl. It is cruel because the victim cannot retaliate as she is outnumbered.'

Miss Noor Azima Amir, his classmate, agreed.

The 19-year-old said: 'It's especially shocking as the assailants are girls, and they are laughing and giggling while beating the girl up!

'I wouldn't be too surprised if guys are behind such acts because they're more rough, but seeing girls behind such acts is unbelievable.

'I feel sorry for the victim because she was still ridiculed and abused even though she apologised.'

Another student, Miss Hong Mei Rong, 19, added in Mandarin: 'I've never seen such a violent clip.

'I can't imagine what the victim might have done to warrant the attack.'

Such aggression is not new, said Mr David Kan, counsellor and executive director of the Family Life Centre.

All that is new is how assailants are using handphone cameras to record their actions, as such video recording becomes more commonplace.

Mr Kan said: 'Kids who record their acts of torture do it not only for gratification. They also want to draw attention to themselves and seek approval from others.

'Many of them feel that their lives have been overlooked and hope that by engaging in such actions, they will be able to get the attention they crave.'

Mr Adrian Lim, the managing director of Tyem Academy which equips out-of-school youths with career academic programmes, has seen videos showing girls beating up other girls.

He explained that such clips are the teenagers' way of saying 'don't play punk with me. I'm quite fierce; see what I'm capable of'.

Mr Lim said: 'This is reality TV brought to the handphone level.

'The assailants may find it fun - they may giggle and laugh when they're doing it because it would not occur to them that they would be identified.

'The repercussions of their actions would not hit them at all, and even if you ask them if they are behind it, they might challenge you to prove their identity. It's an act of defiance.'

Lawyer Peter Low described the assailants' actions as 'cruel and vicious'.

They could be charged with assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour the victim and intent to outrage modesty, as well as voluntarily causing hurt. Each carries a jail sentence and/or fine.

Mr Low said the assailants could face a custodial sentence because of the aggravating factors:
It was a group attack.
The assault went on for more than four minutes.
The victim was vulnerable and defenceless.

He added: 'If they're minors, they could be sent to a girls' home.'

Police spokesman Cheryl Foo said: 'The police will look into the matter when a report is lodged.'


Girl who is filming the clip says: Unbutton, unbutton.

Same girl, telling two of her three friends not to come into the frame: You don't come yet, you don't come yet.
Same girl, when her friends pull down the victim's tube top: Wo you zoom liao leh (Mandarin for I have zoomed in). Wo you zoom liao leh.

Giggles and laughter.

Another girl (appearing to be commenting on one of the assailants as she tries to pull down the victim's shorts): Wah, ta hui bi jiao hiong leh (mixture of Mandarin and Hokkien for she is more violent).

One of the girls: Wan le mei you (Mandarin for are you done)?
Reply from another: Yao wan le (Mandarin for almost).
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Poor Girl..
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