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 The Definition of SPAM

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PostSubject: The Definition of SPAM   20/06/06, 11:39 am

The Definition of Spam/Spamming/Spammer:

• Posts consist of unsolicited advertisements.

• Constant advertisement of your site or forum (defined as "plugging").

• Posting an identical topic or message across multiple forums.

• Posting a very short and obvious reply to topics or reply with just an emoticon.

• Posting just for the sake of posting rather than you really have something to say.

• Posting irrelevant messages that do not really contribute to the discussion.

• Posting unnecessary commends to make the thread go off-topic or cause an argument.

• Massive consecutive posting within a short period of time.

• Treat the forum as a chat room by replying to each other consecutively one post after another.

• Bumping an outdated topic (a thread with contents no longer valid) unnecessarily with irrelevant replies.

• Replying to a spam or repeated topic is also spamming. Members are supposed to leave such topics alone even if they are not locked.

- The Definition of SPAM are subjected to change or update at any time without prior notice -

Forum Rule No.11:
Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstances. No spam-encourage topics such as "Circle of Spam", "One Word Game" or similar "game" topics should be created. Users posting spam or post for the sake of increasing post counts will be banned and their posts removed.

For the full list of Forum Rules, click here.

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The Definition of SPAM
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