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PostSubject: The KARAS   19/06/06, 06:49 pm

Alternative title:
鴉 -KARAS- (Japanese)
The Karas

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Summary: The old Karas is dead , killed by an evil ex-Karas who now named himself Ekou. He started a series of murders against the humanity by making hes loyal youkai drain the body fluids from humans. The new Karas is chosed to be Otoha ,a young man just waked up from a coma. So , him and hes trainor, Yurine start the fight against the evil forces of darkness that are triyng to conquer the city of Shijuku .Nue, a renagade youkai is also fighting with Ekou and his evil creatures ,and the humans are caught in the middle of the fights betwen the two Karas, with the police and the detective Go Narumi encharged with the case completly helpless against the atacks.

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PostSubject: Re: The KARAS   10/08/06, 11:01 am

The first episode was released on Japanese TV, but all following eps will be released direct to DVD [OVA]. So the animation should remain this damn good.The character designs are awesome!!!!!!! Special effects are top notch.

It takes place in the future where beings live in adjacent realities. The supernatural beings have black armor that differs slightly to the owner. The basic good and evil battle, while humans are oblivious to the war that is being waged around them.

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