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 Defintation of Kissing

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PostSubject: Defintation of Kissing   06/07/06, 02:32 pm

KisSiNg aCcOrDiNg tO ThEsE PrOfEsSorS...

Proffesor of Physics: Kissing is the energy created between two lips when the distance between one to the other is zero.

Professor of Microbiology: Kissing is the sharing of bacteria in the form of saliva

Professor of Biology: Kissing is the work of two muscles

Professor of Economy: Kissing is the state where the rate of request is higher than selling

Professor of Engineering: Kissing? What the hell is that??!! *Haha*

Professor of Psychology: Kissing is the process of understanding the meaning of pleasure

Professor of Computer Science: If kiss >= Hot then go to bed room else go to bathroom end.

Professor of Art: Kissing is something beautiful when we experience it together

Professor of Physical Education: Kissing, especially a HOT one, is a good way to lose some Calory

Professor of Political Science: Kissing is a win-win solution: everybody is happy, everybody is comfortable! Smile

Professor of Mathematics: Kissing is a probability: either you get a kiss back, or you get a slap

Professor of English: Kissing derives from the noun "kiss" followed by "ing"
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Defintation of Kissing
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