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 Four animated posters

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PostSubject: Four animated posters   10/11/06, 04:45 pm

In the last few days, the good people over at the Impawards recently posted new posters for the four animated films you see below, which are: 1) HAPPILY N'EVER AFTER - stars the voices of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. in a reimagining of "Cinderella" with the titular "Ella" being a warrior princess who must lead an army against her tyrannical stepmother. It opens January 5th. 2) SHREK THE THIRD - Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas are all back for a third go round and this time, nobody's making it out alive. Well, not really. Shrek refuses to assume the throne of Far Far Away so the gang heads out to find a suitable replacement, all while the debonairly evil Prince Charming plots a coup. It opens May 18th. 3) RATATOUILLE - the latest Pixar offering in which a rat voiced by Patton Oswalt lives under a world famous restaurant and dreams of being a chef himself. It opens June 29th. 4) MEET THE ROBINSONS - A voice cast including Angela Bassett and Tom Selleck lead a story in which a twelve year-old builds a machine that takes him to the future where he shares an adventure with the titular family and is harassed by the mysterious Bowler Hat Guy. It opens March 30th. Click through for high res versions of each.

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PostSubject: Re: Four animated posters   15/11/06, 08:23 pm

very nice poster doublethum

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Four animated posters
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