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 Willis & Jackson again

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PostSubject: Willis & Jackson again   03/11/06, 09:49 am

Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson will be collaborating for the third time in the upcoming drama/thriller BLACK WATER TRANSIT, an adaptation of the Carsten Stroud novel of the same name. Under music video director Samuel Bayer and from a script by Doug Richardson (who also scripted the currently-filming Bruce Willis actioner sequel LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD), the story weaves several interconnected storylines at the center of which is Jack Vermillion, the owner of a shipping company who agrees to rat out a client in order to cut a deal for his imprisoned son. The client is an ex-army colonel named Earl Pike (Willis) who wants to ship his family's illegal gun collection to Mexico for safekeeping. The story's a lot more intricate than that and Production Weekly has done a nice job of explaining the details, even posting an excerpt from the novel. Production is scheduled for February 12th in New Orleans. Willis is, as mentioned, currently filming LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and can next be seen in Richard Linklater's drama FAST FOOD NATION and the action thriller PERFECT STRANGER. Sam Jackson's currently filming the time-traveling thriller JUMPER and can next be seen in Craig Brewer's drama BLACK SNAKE MOAN and the Iraq War drama HOME OF THE BRAVE.

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Willis & Jackson again
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