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 Ghost Rider poster!

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PostSubject: Ghost Rider poster!   04/10/06, 03:33 pm

Moviefone has removed the poster from their site but we still have it available for you below.

Moviefone has posted the new poster for GHOST RIDER (in anticipation of their debut of the new trailer tomorrow at 3pm) and you'll pardon me if I'm not shocked at how badly it sucks. First off, the hero carrying the heroine is totally BATMAN BEGINS. Secondly, what is going on underneath the Hell Cycle? Third, what's with the giant heads?! Ghost Rider is pretty badass in that he's, well, a flaming skeleton who rides a flaming motorcycle. By looking at this poster, you'd think he was a FUH-laming skeleton, if you catch my drift. I say I'm not surprised because the consistent vibe I'm catching from this flick is one of stankiness. I like Ghost Rider, love Eva Mendes, tolerate Nic Cage and think Mark Steven Johnson is a great guy with a great devotion to the character and mythology but all those parts aren't adding up to much for me. Hopefully I'll be surprised next year but, gee, I ain't holding out much hope after looking at this...

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Ghost Rider poster!
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